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Member Experience 

Entrepreneurs@Berkeley is a diverse, innovative community of Berkeley students with a shared passion for startups, product development, and problem solving. Originally founded as a startup accelerator, our organization consists of current and former founders who understand the startup ecosystem and the difficulties that come with it. We now work as a startup consultants, giving students experiences on what it's like to work in a startup enviroment. 

Our Background 

Member Journey 


New Member

New members undergo a semester of training which consists of a startup development exercise, and analyst preparation. New members will gain exposure to the Bay Area startup environment, while at the same time engaging in relevant business cases in preparation for the analyst role.


Startup Analysts

Analysts engage in semester long projects for startups. Projects include work in competitive analysis, entrepreneurship fundamentals, and technical analysis. Analysts will get the opportunity to gain relevant industry and experience and refine their skills in their respective fields. 

Modern Buildings
"E@B has been huge in my growth in college both socially and professionally. I found close friends and my roommate through E@B. I also found my first internships and part time jobs through the E@B network. Most importantly, I was able to connect with and learn from all the amazing entrepreneurs at the club who are actively trying to change the world through entrepreneurship!"
- Brandon Chan, Marketing Intern at Zoom
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Our Family 

Our recruitment process, professional development program, and hours of time together have forged our organization into a close-knit community of future leaders. Members make lifelong friends within E@B, and have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally within a community of like-minded individuals.

Our Alumni 

Our alumni leverage their experiences and connections from E@B to land positions at top companies in a variety of fields including management consulting, tech, wealth management, product management, software engineering, and more. Many of our alumni have also gone on to pursue entrepreneurial ventures within the lucrative Bay Area startup environment.

Alumni play an active role in providing E@B members with personal career mentorship, speaker series, and professional development workshops throughout the semester

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